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Let us know how to purchase the book. Call 9902223733. Thank you.

Book Review: Though currently restricted to Telugu readers you probably won't put it down until you read the last lines and just sit there, thinking. It is the story of a young man who turned his life around to become one of the greatest leaders ever. This book delves into the psyche and the remarkable wit of this genius. It reads with the grace that only a skilled writer can summon. The anecdotes are told in a way that seem perfectly wholesome and are very carefully and artfully composed picking up all the little nuances of the mastermind; seamlessly blending the qualities into the fabric of this book. Absolutely Riveting...

Hi! Still unable to download this ebook. Always it is downloading URLlink.acsm file. Please help.

Kindly mail at when it becomes available. Thank you.

Nice Book. I recommend this book to who stayed in USA more than 2 years.