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About one rupee per page !!! Too expensive buddy... For the kind of stuff you written does nor command a premium. Pi

My honest feedback is, I felt very bored, just skim through this book in 15 minutes. Why so much bias towards software people? I agree that villages are good for peaceful living, but times have changed. I know many many people who are passionate about software and happy in their lives. Having BP, Sugar nothing to do with software industry. Our previous generation and our parents also have BP, Sugar issues even though they never worked in software. I think whoever not interested in software job can quit their job instead of polluting company's culture which impacts others. Not worth it!

Please make it available e-books of padakkurchi kaburulu series

if Printed book is Rs.15,then why it is sold as Rs.30? If we scan one copy then ebook can be sold to more people when it is less than printed book.