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Downloaded this ebook.

Unable to download this book. When trying to download says invalid token.

Chadivinanthasepu Manasu thadi Kalla dwara pravahisthune undi. Intha chakkati gurthula samaharam kante Inka manchi gift emuntundi o akkaki ivvataniki. Naaku akka chellellu Leru kaani modatisaari Naaku Intha prema choopinche o Akko , chellellu unte entha baagundedi anipinchindi. Thanks for sharing this beautiful memoir with us..

Sekhar ks says...

MB garu,
nenu shadow episodes ani chadivanu .
I am a big fan of SHADOW.
inka mimmalni kalavali ani kuda undi.
meru undedi vijayawada lo ani matram telusu
me address istara?

please allow download of ebooks of your writings sir