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Thank you Krishna3211 . I will check that part before respond.....

Guys................I gone through ramayana,mahabharatam,bible,almost all buddism books and now I am going through quran....I can able to find very few mistakes on bible and buddism But whole hindhu epics are very ugly from starting to ending.Please don't consider 10% good words from 100% created characters.There is no entry in Hindu religion (Only exit to other religions ).Whole hindu epics composed to make benefit bramhin ,vysa ,kshatriya not for common people but other religions books pointing only common people

hindu can take little breath until those books insanskrit ,Since very small amount people can understand.There will be huge damage once convert to regional languges ( 100% as sanskrit)...

Already MANUSMURUTHI destroyed by bramins it self .I am sure whole hindusim will be erased very soon.....If you have doubt ,Please read other religion books and try to will find difference instantly.

can u provide more N.S.Nagi reddi book for rent

e book directions are very poor,

Author rxplanation is excellent, every one easily undestanding, in this book cover all financial topics..

This book doesn't look like written by Surya Devara. He can't write such worst plots.