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Dear Sir

I want to buy this book in the printed form.Please let me know how to proceed

Padakkurchi kaburlu ebook undada? Enduku?

This is the first authentic research works in the universe unlocking the doors of knowledge and lucidly answers on how each of its faces reflects different moods! How the shadow cast by the rocky outcrops on it draws a huge Swastika on its southern face? How does the snow deposition pattern resemble the sacred AUM on its eastern face? How Manasarovar, the highest freshwater lake in the world formed round like the sun? How this black granite Mount Kailash is the abundant water resources and source of many large rivers? How this mysterious mountain called as world pillar? What is there on its? How its cosmic energy makes the Earth spin?...Sivkishen, Author

Guruvogari ki namakramulu maku aishwya yougam book kavali pl ekada dorukuthundo teliyakoruchunamu

how to get basic electronics book