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Father during his life time mentioned that some body had told him that people search for this book on the internet.
This is fulfills that search for this great work.
This edition is holistic - It contains reviews that appeared in different dailies , weekly and monthlies since 1968 and about his total literary personality. Any reader who reads this Magnum Opus of Research on Valmiki Ramayana would get to know the author and his literary personality in toto

Sri Jaya Vijayadasami Hearty Greetings to one and all.

Saatyaki S/o Seshendra Sharma

Hello Madhubabu garu,

I am a die hard fan of your books. I have been reading your books for the last 30 years. I am disappointed to note that after veerabhadra reddy no new novel from you in swathi. Have you stopped writing books?? if so, it is really a shock to all of us.

Well, I realized that I haven't read few books of you like silverking, kalakanya, kalanagu, fighting fool. I am not even geting the ebooks in internet. I have all other printed books with me. Please tell us a place to get all your books. I will buy.


Why the preview pdf is looking so bad in terms of rendering the text? It is not readable. Is the e-book going to be like this?

Hi, I am unable to open it on my iPad even after Installing Bluefire reader. Can you please help. Thanks

chelimi, college rojulu kavitalu maa college rojulanu gurtuku chesai. thank u sir.anni kavitalu saralamgaa andariki ardhamayyevidhamgaa vunnai . chaalaa baagunnaai.