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Sir edi teka tathparyam tho vunada

This book is really useful for the people who are interested in financial planning !

Vasundhara garu,

Do you still have "Pellayyaka Chudu" novel! That was hilarious but could not find any where.

Ravindra Meesala

Not able to open downloaded Preview PDF. ( file has been damaged ERROR receiving).

"పద్య నాటకం పత్తిపంట లాంటిది. దేనికీ గ్యారెంటీ ఉండదు" - డా|| పెద్ది రామారావు With just this statement, I became a fan to his writing style! You can't write something like this unless you know both - agriculture as well as Padya Natakam. Hats off Rama Rao garu!!