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Kutumbam loni anuragalu ,akka meeda premani baga aakatukonai..eeroju ki manchi Jeevithani chadivinanduku anandam ga vundi

This is a great book about mental illness and how Surya dealt with it in the days when public understanding of mental disorders was limited. It provides the hope that with proper treatment and understanding of the disorder, these disorders can be controlled like any other disease. The author presents it in a way that is easy for readers to relate to, and at the same time, keeps the reader entertained.

The writer of this book had expressed his feelings and emotions excellently and the way he expressed the problems and challenges he faced as a patient are amazing
Highly recommended !! esp for the people dealing with dis problem. Must read!!!

న్నో నీబుక్కు దర్గామిట్టకతలు సదవల్లంటే ఇబ్బుడు యాడ దొరుకుతాయి న్నా?