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It is unfortunate to listen Sri Ranganaakamma name unknowingly. She is belongs to Asura jaathi like Raavansura or thataka family. She just copies from other books and add her Agnaana and spreading Agnaanam every where like asura. Since we have many Asuraas around, she is known as great Asura.

Jai sreeraama, pls. come as killer of Raavana family and save the earth from this kind of asuraas.

Sir naku athadu amenu jayenchadu book kavali ekkada dorukutundi

The author simultaneously narrated the biographies of mathematicians interestingly on one side and also explained the theorem on the other side but he should have explained the theorem more elaborately.He couldn't explain Taniyama-Shimura conjucture clearly which is important to understand Fermat's theorem.This book is helpful to students as mere history book.Thank you

A very new Thought provocative Story ,reminded Vedic Stories of Max muller and Rahul Samskrityayan