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is there an ebook to rent/purchase this?

Mana samskruthi goppadi ani maname cheppaka pothe, ramayanam loni arthaniki pedarthalu pedithe, Puranaalanu lothuga, sukshamamga vati arthalanu artham chesukokapothe ilanti Visha Vrukshalu puduthoone untai..Visha Vruksham Ramayanam kadu danni artham chesukoleka poyina pichi manushula manassu...

Namaskars, thank you for the wonderful writings on the Puranas. I have a small request. Please make these books available as ebooks so that people like me outside India can buy them and start reading which must have been the main purpose of your writing these.

It's an ok book. Expected a lot, but looks like author wrote this book, thinking it would be good fit for a movie. Too dramatization while resolving the issue. Nothing great about it, everyone can easily guess that father is acting smart.

how to downlode these novels.
plzzzzzzz tell me