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Kinige Telugu Novel Competiiton 2014
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actually i dont read telugu shit but this novel shattered my opinion on telugu novels. k whoever wants to read good novel u must gothrough. i strongly suggest this novel.

అతివ అంతరంగ మథనం - "అన్వేషణ" నవలపై సమీక్ష

My name Mallikarjun..native Karimnagar district.A.P..presently staying in Mumbai..I am big fan of your books..

This book is probably the best I have ever read so far.It provides a simple and elegant style of reading.It makes us deeply involved in the story and tells us the sufferings of the people with mental illness face.Highly recommended for people not only dealing with this problem but also for a common person.Five stars!!!

బాగా నచ్చింది