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Hello Madhubabu garu,

I am a die hard fan of your books. I have been reading your books for the last 30 years. I am disappointed to note that after veerabhadra reddy no new novel from you in swathi. Have you stopped writing books?? if so, it is really a shock to all of us.

Well, I realized that I haven't read few books of you like silverking, kalakanya, kalanagu, fighting fool. I am not even geting the ebooks in internet. I have all other printed books with me. Please tell us a place to get all your books. I will buy.


Hi MadhuBabu Sir,

Horror of darkness ki continuation Angel of Death rasaru kada meeru....Angel of death part 1 chadavagaliganu..kani Angel of death part 2 gurunchi cheyani prayatnam ledu,,still maku dorakatledu......Daya chesi Kinige lo upload cheyagalaru.. leda inko ekadaina copy right lo unte dayachesi chepandie sir

Dear Sir, Nenu mimmalni kalavaalani, mee address gurinchi chaalaa vedikaanu kaani labhincha ledu. simple gaa cheppaalante mee abhimaanini. madhubabu book chetilo vunte prakkana pidugulu padinaa kaanee emee telavadu. book poorthigaa chadavaali.

hi sir,its great to read ur books...tqs for it

Dear Madhubabu garu,

I read all your novels, except for following:
a. Kiss Me Darling
b. Tiger Munna

If you have those copies please upload them here in Kinige or mail me those copies or links where I can download them. My mail id is

Thanks and regards,
Sudhakar Ghantasala

My name Mallikarjun..native Karimnagar district.A.P..presently staying in Mumbai..I am big fan of your books..

Dear madhubabu sir. Hats off to your novels. Your books are the best travelling partners for me . I studied more than 30 novels of you. But I cant find all of your novels, please tell me where can I find your novels all at once.and at last my wish is at least one time talking with you. Pleawe grant me the wish. My mobile no is 9849847967, email is, if you see this message please reply me sir

Madhu Babu garu,
I have your phone number as 0865642xx5 which was published in SWATHI magazine when you disclosed your identity and your address in that magazine for the very first time, a very long time ago more than a decade I think. May be 15 yrs or so but definitely it was the very first time you made your address and phone number available to the public in the SWATHI weekly magazine. I called you on that number and had a pleasant talk with you for about 20 minutes one evening at that time. Since then I never disturbed you again. Yesterday I tried to call you on that number again but that number is dead. I need to talk to you again about your books. Could you please email your phone number and the time period when I could call you. My email address is
Thankyou and Regards,

I am a very big fan of you. I want to read the Sivudu Novel. Can you provide it in

I will purchase and read this book. I am waiting for this Novel Upload to this website.

I am great fan of shadow of your creation. i am unable to get download the books. pls intimate me how to download books

[Admin's note] Please see our help[/Admin's note]

Shadow Past Life Series lo enni novels vunnayi? Avi yeviti? Please let me know.


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Book is good. But i don't understand the logic in releasing the book in manuscript form. Those who know the author personally could appreciate the effort,but for 'fans' of 'Ghantasala' a print edition with more photos would have been more interesting.

e pustakam nenu inka chadvaledu kani e krinda cmnts chustunte naku baga connect ayyettu undi. yendukante naku ramudcu assalu nachhadu (atani chetalu valmiki cheppina danni batti)

where I have to buy this book in this site ? where is the but button ?

[Admin] This book is available only as eBook. [/Admin]

if there is any free download ......

నరేష్ గారు,
మీరిప్పటి వరకూ తెలియదు. ఇకమీదటేప్పుడు మిమ్మల్ని మరచిపోలేను.
"తెరా నామ్ ఏక్ సహారా?!" ఒక అద్భుత కావ్య గానం. ప్రేమ కథా పానం.
మళ్ళీ మళ్ళి చదవాలన్న మనసు ఉబలాటం ఆపుకోలేకున్నాను.

అద్భుతమైన రచన! రచన అనొచ్చా! అది మీ హృదయ గానం. మీరయితే వందశాతం అక్షరాల్లోకి వంపారు, పాఠకుడిగా నేనెంత తాగుతానో చూడాలి.