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Kinige Telugu Novel Competiiton 2014
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saadaarana baashalo andariki ardamayyelaa vundi. baagundi,.

chelimi, garalam kavithalu chaalaa bagunnayi.

I donot find the style of madhu babu in this book. Very much disappointed.

The eharma sssays are thouight provoking and at times revolutionary. They reflect a paradigmatic shift in spirituality and Dharma as distinct from th erun of the mill religion. On eof the essays highlights the much boasted superiorityy of humans. The short story is witty and wholesome humour is served without a Chempadebba as has become wont in movie sof the day. Molla the forgotten poet is brought back into th ecenter stage with all glory she deserves.

Do you have a print edition of the book, that can be purchased