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Please make this book available in eBook format! Thank you!

Yes, please make this available as an eBook! Thank you!

Do whatever is required but do it within the guidelines of "Yuga Dharmam" ...all is well. Dharmam thappi edhina chesamantee adhi paapamee avuthundhi. So, what is Dharmam ? If you are a teacher u have to be 100% right in your profession and teach well, and at home you might be a brother, husband, father etc....So, do the duty as per the role that you attain.

we need this kind of books and people always likes to read the books that create no confusions and no controversies in society. Appreciate.

Just an idea..
There should be two sections in Kinige website. One "Good books" and another section "Bad books". This particular book should go into the "Bad books" or just for "entertainment" category.