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This Book is necessary to get idea that how to learn Photoshop.

Rachayitalu polisetty brothers ku namassulu mariyu aaseessulu.
Puranallo science book chadivaanu. Manchi vishayalanu chala chakkaga teliya paricharu.Hyderabadulo ekkada dorukutayi. Mee rachanalanni unnaya.
EE pustakanni kontamandiki kaanukaga ivvalani undi.

Vivaralu telupagalaru

seshagiri rao av

Please provide e-book version of all Malathi chandoor's books

Sir.I am a professor in Rangaraya medical college,kakinada.I like autobiographies, I rate your "Amma kadupu challga: next to "Anubhavalu and gyapakalu of " of Sripada varu in Telugu. and "wings of fire ' by Kalam garu in english, Iread them number of times,i finished reading your"Amma kadupu challaga"just now.your feelings about mother are superb sir. I cried throughout reading about your mother.Almost 30 years back ,I read your short story in Deepavali special issue about a young woman not at all good looking and working in a college as demonstrator, The hero tried to improve her dress sense and helped her to present herself in a better manner,Finally he married her. Sorry I could not remember the story name.That story i never forget,my daughter tells me " how to present yourselves is important than having good looks"your journey as writer is more illustrious than your your journey as actor,This is my opinion,Thanks for writing autobiography .