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Kinige Telugu Novel Competiiton 2014
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Chala baga rasarandi. Kallammata neellul vatchai. Thanks a lot.

Old one ..... పాత నవల.... సూర్యదేవర గారి 74వ నవల... అసలు పేరు "ఛాలెంజ్" కొత్త నవల కాదు.. దయచేసి చెక్ చెసుకోగలరు....

Thank you for sharing the book we have this in telugu on Kinige even if it is not free

Dear Sir,

I am R.S.S. PRASADA RAO, staying in Sunabeda-2, Dist: Koraput. We residing corner or orissa, and not available in any books. We are having one Telugu library and it was closed on last three years. We are not having any entainment. We are having Only one Cinema Hall and nearly every two months we are watching telugu movie. and watching TV. Here we are getting news paper one day late. I am fan of you. since 1978 i am reading your Detective Novels from Sri. Gangireddy Grandhalayam, Anaparti, East Godavari(AP). From 1990 onwards i am staying in orissa and not getting books from our Telugu Vignana Samithi. Kindly forward some novels in favour of me.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully,