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This is a decisive Land Mark in the life of Seshendra Sharma's literature .
Shodasi, Secrets of the Ramayana , his Magnum Opus has been translated into English
after 49 years of Telugu Original work came to light in 1969 .
Writing foreword to Telugu original "Shodasi : Ramayana Rahasyaalu " Mr.N.Ramesan , the then Principal Secretary to A.P Govt suggested that this work should be translated into English and several other vernacular languages. That has materialised after 49 Years after 1st publication of Telugu original.

1. You should arrange books as per year of publication, so that searching for new addtions will easier.
2. You should put year of publication in the details of the book so that one need not go to preview page.
3. Under the preview of Nivuru by Kondepudi Nirmala, you have put preview of Nivuru by Kakani Chakrapani. Pls correct it

hi I have rented this book today, and when i try to open it is downloading URLLink.acsm and I am not able to read this book... can some one kindly advise. thanks

Can we expect a print copy ?