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10 Vidhi Kadhalu - the cover art of this book is eerily similar to 'Amaravathi Kadhalu' By Satyam Sankaramanchi. Please dont steal the great Bapu's art!

I Want to this maths theory book

I know Balagopal not only as an Champion of Civil right Movement, and as Sympothiser of Maoist Movement.. indeed very few people knew that he was Maths Genious.. he was worlds top most Probabilitician.. and he is Grandson of Poet Rallapalli Anantha krishna sharma..

Mr.BV Prabhakar garu.. dnt take his views in lighter way.. perhaps he, him self hail from a orthodox brahmin family.. so his views on Hinduism solely out of critical intellectual analysis.. not out of Partiality for other religions

Thanks Surya Garu for writing this book. I have seen suffering my nephew who is just below 15 years. There is lot of pain and agony one has to go thru facing this disease.They need lot of support and affection. You have narrated very well how much help and affection you have got from your family and friends. Best part is you have not given any importance to the people who has not supported and troubled you. This book will definitely change the mindset of many towards the people who are suffering with Schizophrenia. I hope some more people will come out and express how they have dealt with this painful suffering. Definitely this will help to create a caring society to overcome this suffering and stop just branding them as Mad or Mental people.