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Good stories. I liked most of them, especially the one linking the golden treasure hunt by Indian government in 2013 in Uttar Pradesh and the UFO sightings is amazing. The author's justification that the discus shaped hazy UFOs are none other than Sudarshana Chakras of the Hindu God Lord Vishnu is fantastic. My rating of the book: 4/5.

madhubabu garu shadow paatranu vadalakandi sir, krotha shadow novel chadivi chaalaa kaalam ayyindi, paatavi yennosaarlu chadivamu

As a great fan of my Leader KCR,i opened this book but my excitement fast disappeared after reading this.One can clearly understand, this book is an Andhra writers view of K.C.Rao.All the details presented in this book are not new to any Telangana person.The writer could not gather a single fact which Telangana people do not know about KCR. The Media Factory(Publisher) was trying to underplay the Telangana movement,KCR and the People of Telangana by doing a Cut,Copy paste of the News articles published by Andhra Editors and their Views.This book is not for Telangana lovers.

sir,please upload all your books in e-book formate...thank u