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Very very good book..Naalo unna enno questions ki clear answers dorikayii...raamayananni Puranam ga kaadunda oka kasi majili katha ga treat generaion lo pillalu evarayina ive questions adigite answer cheppe clarity ippati parents ki undi ani nenu anukovadam ledu.. Thanks ranganayakamma gaaru...I m very late to read this book.

Book is good. But i don't understand the logic in releasing the book in manuscript form. Those who know the author personally could appreciate the effort,but for 'fans' of 'Ghantasala' a print edition with more photos would have been more interesting.

e pustakam nenu inka chadvaledu kani e krinda cmnts chustunte naku baga connect ayyettu undi. yendukante naku ramudcu assalu nachhadu (atani chetalu valmiki cheppina danni batti)

where I have to buy this book in this site ? where is the but button ?

[Admin] This book is available only as eBook. [/Admin]

if there is any free download ......