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My Review on the Book "Tanu-Nenu".

Author:Psy Visesh

Who introduce the book to me:

Connections with social media made me introduced to Visesh.Like he invited many social media friends for the Book Inauguration he invited me too am it was my pleasure.I planned to attend along with my wife but couldn’t make it.Reason is silly ..I am lazy on Sunday.:-)

Some of my perceptions before reading the book :

1. The Cover Page Poster impressed me a lot and thought it going to romantic love story .
2. Thought it would love story between Visesh and his wife.
3. Some Psychology related would be there

Feedback on the Book

I never gave feedback on any book or movie in my life except until when forced to do so.I enjoy myself any content that makes me pleasurable and meets my sensibilities . Below is just my vi

I would appreciate for getting a rent option

i want this book
and i show tham mistarey

Good. When the 2nd part is getting published. We are not reading a serial in a weekly or monthly. At least see that the books published in Kinige are available all parts in one go.

What is the use of this book showing in the index. Neither ebook is available nor print book is available. Ahobala Rao