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Can you provide all ur books for sale.

Sir, We are very much happy to read the print books. But all the new release are available only e books. Where shall we get print books?

We do not find the NAGALOKAYAGAM - PART 2.
Please arrange to publish ebook at the earliest.

Dear sir,
Naa peru Govardhan reddy nenu mee novels dadapu 70 varaku chadivanu, chadivina prathee novel kaneesam 2sarlu chadivanu, kani inka konni novels migilipoyayi avi ebooks ga ekkada dorukutaayo cheppagalara,vaseekaranayagnam,gods owen plan,kritayug,kaala chakra homam,aaro rudrudu,memu preminchukunnamu,vastavam lonchi vastavam loki,sep 17-1985,yerrasamudram,black and white, innka marikonni.
Konni site lalo kondamani prayatninchanu kaani e books ga dorakadam ledu naku e boos ga kavali dayachesi avi ekkada doruku tayo cheppagalara.
Thank you sir
Best regards

Hi.. anyone please send me Suryadevara Ebooks.. please.. please.. Thank You:)

Thank god!! చాలా రోజుల వెయిటింగ్ తర్వాత నాగలోక యాగం-2 చదివాను... బాగుంది.. మీరు కూడా చదవండి


money makes many things ane book already september17 1985 ane perutho release ayindi.oka story rendu perlatho release cheyyadam readers ni mosam chesinatlu kada

Hello sir
This is Laxmi Durga
I read some of your novels. Those are very interesting. Your works are giving lots of pleasure while reading. You wrote social and socio-fantacies. Untill now those books are never give boring to me. Thanks for your efforts in literature.

Hello Author sir,

Where is Nagalokayagam - II ?

I already purchased the Part 1 long back and await the second part.

please post the challenge novel

Please provide following e-books
The Last Dectator
Chikkaledu Chinnadani Aachooki
Godachatu Muddu

Please arrange to digitalize all your books into ebook. Also, with an option for Rent. I have read many of your books. Some of them have been fantastic. Like Satapatra, Aho Vikramarka... But please avoid the horrible stuff such as in Agneyastram (which I guess you have written during your early days as author)

Dear Sir,I am looking for your novel on Ahobhilam ( ugrabhilam ),Kindly provide me where I can get.

sir meevi chala books print booksga dorakatledu.print books kavalante evarini sampradinchali

I am a big fan for urs novels. But meery climax chala simple ga close chestaru.aina ur the best writer in telugu

Dear Sir,

I have read couple of your novels such as KRITAYUG, VIDUR NEETI etc. I didn't anything useful for life. It was just time pass.

Why don't you write something useful for reader. In my point of view, a writer has the ability to make a reader think. I am nearly bored while reading every novel.

Can you please tell me which novel you liked most amongst your novels? I am eager to read it as there are close to 100 novels of yours.


dabbulu ..time .... rendu dharalanga waste ayyayi ..

Dear sir,
I'm Govardhan reddy I was read your challenge novel two years back,but I was found in kinige same novel different title (O college drop out gadi prema katha)I'm confused which is correct,
I checked in your novel list this title haven't only challenge title is there.
Also I want read and keep in my e library some more novels can upload.
Best regards
Govardhan reddy

I want " Mmudo manishi " and " Nannu Preminchina Aparichitudu " Printed books in Surya devara rammohana rao novels., plz find it

Namaskaram Sir.. Meeru Rachinchina Anithara Sadhyudu Pusthakam Gurinchi Vethukuthunnanu.. Ekkada Dhorakaho Cheppandi.. Chala Chotla Prayathncha

need "antharmukham" e book by yendamuri

Need more/all books from SRR...please add

Need more/all books from SRR...please add

Please provide any of the below books for sale.
The Bet
Pelli Choopulu
The Beauty
Pellillu Swargamlone Jaruguthai
The Last Dictator
Aamedi ontari Poratam
Vidhur neeti
Gods Own Plan
Trinetrudu - 1
Trinetrudu - 2
Aamedi ontari Poratam

Please provide all your books.Those are very good.

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Whatever I posted in the review of his other book is equally applicable to this book. His forte is KANDAM. I thought the best way to praise his book is to attempt a poem about his verses. Since I am no poet, my effort pales before his beautiful KANDAMS. However, here is my two cents.

It's short and sweet
A soul with brevity and wit
And a noble thought
Set to a meter taught

Words flow like a running brook
Take you to a lofty peak
Or tell a tale tongue-in –cheek
With a twist that's comic

A verse not easy to compose
Lyrical yet not verbose
Demands apt words to choose
A braid, not a strand loose

Penning this verse is an art
Given only to a few
Who tasted the manna dew
Rest only falter to craft

The way the NRIs keep in touch with their roots and their culture is amazing. First, they celebrate all festivals with a rare zeal and follow the prescribed procedures meticulously. It's no hyperbole to say the NRIs are more zealous than the Indians in this regard. Using technical wizardry and Apps on their smartphones, they exchange poems, information about literature and social activities. They organize periodic meetings and on special festivals when they get together, they share a sumptuous meal, take part in sports and games and establish an enduring camaraderie. During these functions, the men and women display excellent talent in singing, dancing, and instrumental music. In a few meetings exclusively for literary activities, the participants show their knowledge of poetry and lyrics and enlighten the audience.
This book is a byproduct of these periodic meetings. Kalyan, a true poet, produced a poem a week on a wide range of subjects. He also took the challenge posed by other members and compos

Reads like average time pass Telugu masala movie

good for time pass

A very thrilling story. Yes can be made into a film