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Dear Sir,
I'm Nawaz staying in Sharjah, UAE. I used to read NRI Kaburlu when I was in India. Some of them I missed so I bought them here on KINIGE and read all the parts even what ever I read earlier.
Let me say your writing style is very simple and unique and makes the reader to follow till end without missing a letter. By saying your writing style is simple I'm not understating your art. I'm a mechanical design engineer (HVAC). As they say in engineering "The best design is simple one, But it is the most difficult one to create". This statement is very apt for your writings.
As I have browsed through your other writings which I want to buy, they are not available in ebook format. Please see it to that rest of the books also available in ebook.

Hope this will happen soon and as usual expecting more writings from you.

Thanks and best regards.

S K Nawaz, Sharjah, UAE

Thanks for your nice comments Nawaz garu.I am glad you liked NRI Kaburlu and my other books. I will try to get the other books on Kinige, one by one slowly. Thanks again and with regards, Satyam

Books from Author: Satyam Mandapatisubscribe

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sir plz send me this book

మనసారా హాయిగా నవ్వుకునే ఆహ్లాదకరమైన హాస్యం..ఆలోచింపజేసే కథనం...సన్నివేశాలు...,కొత్తదనానికి సరికొత్త అర్థం చెప్పిన సబ్జెక్టు...నిజంగా కుబేరుడు ఇలా చేస్తే,,,వైభవ్ లాంటి వాళ్ళు ఎందరికో ఇన్స్పిరేషన్ అవుతారు.కృత్తిక పాత్ర బావుంది.

Respected Sri Doctor Jayanthi, MA, MPhil, PHD , Is this slokam is mentioned in your book Sri Bavhya puranam "కాయస్థ శిష్టకరణ సంస్కారిణో యది .........వై ద్విజః" pls arrange to confirm to me to my mobile number by sms 8985210580 or if possible to my whatsapp number 9885802190. Thank you sir, Deepthimahanthi Ganesh Naga Kumar

Respected Sir, Has the below mentioned slokam is there in your book of Sri Koorma puranam. Pls confirm. If possible to my mobile number by sms or phone to me. My mobile No.8985210580. Thank you sir, Deepthimahanthi Ganesh Naga Kumar
" కాయస్థ శిష్టకరణ బ్రాహ్మణోవైన సంశయం
.......హిత్వా రాజన్య మంత్రి స్థితా "