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Second Read:
First part take off is very good and characters establishment especially Maathangi, Gavashudu. As novel progress diluted the plot and too much fantasy. Second part is kind of boring and not satisfied with content and abrupt closure.

Madhubabu sir,
I like the fantasy but too much is not good. Character should build from the core and journey also entertains and appeals to current generation. Still I remember Novel Anandha Jyothi, the way plot initiation and journey progress with underlying message is really awesome. Lead pair chemistry also good. Hopefully, we will get best fantasy novels from you. Good luck for your future work!!!


Hi Hello, i need this book. how to purchase this one.

I enjoyed for studying your books. Please relive another parts of Bharatha. Thank you sir

sir I purchased bharatha 1

please arrange to get purchased Adhunka Vyavahara Kosam