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Guruvu Gary

Eappati anubhandhamo........ E Janmalo Rama namam ruchisthundhi.

Sarvam sarveashwaram. Jai sriram

Respectfull acharya... i am the manager of shri krishna raghavendra swamy matham which is located in sanikpuri secunderabad branch. of pejawar adhokshaja matha udupi. And also shishya of pejawara vishvesha teertha swamiji. I completed 12 years education in poornaprajna vidyapeetha in b,lore. I finished shreeman nyayasudha.with my guruji. and also i recieved 2 times gold medals in nyaya shastra in national level. I respect you heartfull. i obey you . plz let mu know your's contact no acharya plzz....

sir nanu mi abbimani,meru chapa vu pannasalu naku chala anta cala estam

parameswara swaroopamina thamari vaagaamruthadhara mapie kuripinchinanduku sirasabhi vandanamulu

Sir, thank you for giving best book for free download

Thank you, it would be great if we can make these available in printed format. To be read by elders and kids.

Sir, our grateful thanks, for making, quite a number of valuable books, free, for downloading.
Good Wishes,
KVSRao, from Vizag.

Thank you so much for providing them in vaduka bashaloo.

Thank u sir. Mee pravachanalatho maaku gnananni andisthunnanduku meeku sarvada runapadi untam.


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Whatever I posted in the review of his other book is equally applicable to this book. His forte is KANDAM. I thought the best way to praise his book is to attempt a poem about his verses. Since I am no poet, my effort pales before his beautiful KANDAMS. However, here is my two cents.

It's short and sweet
A soul with brevity and wit
And a noble thought
Set to a meter taught

Words flow like a running brook
Take you to a lofty peak
Or tell a tale tongue-in –cheek
With a twist that's comic

A verse not easy to compose
Lyrical yet not verbose
Demands apt words to choose
A braid, not a strand loose

Penning this verse is an art
Given only to a few
Who tasted the manna dew
Rest only falter to craft

The way the NRIs keep in touch with their roots and their culture is amazing. First, they celebrate all festivals with a rare zeal and follow the prescribed procedures meticulously. It's no hyperbole to say the NRIs are more zealous than the Indians in this regard. Using technical wizardry and Apps on their smartphones, they exchange poems, information about literature and social activities. They organize periodic meetings and on special festivals when they get together, they share a sumptuous meal, take part in sports and games and establish an enduring camaraderie. During these functions, the men and women display excellent talent in singing, dancing, and instrumental music. In a few meetings exclusively for literary activities, the participants show their knowledge of poetry and lyrics and enlighten the audience.
This book is a byproduct of these periodic meetings. Kalyan, a true poet, produced a poem a week on a wide range of subjects. He also took the challenge posed by other members and compos

Reads like average time pass Telugu masala movie

good for time pass

A very thrilling story. Yes can be made into a film